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What are Pivot Points

Since people have memory and markets are made by people, for the transitive property of relations, also markets hav memory. This means that price levels that were in the past are likely going to be important also in the future. The concept of Pivot Point lay its root on this simple observation. To transform a concept [...]

What is risk free rate

There is the old saying "No risk, no reward" that always holds true when it come to finance. And fixed income (interest rates) are not an exception. Either when we buy corporate bonds or government bonds we get rewarded for taking a risk. The bigger the risk we take, the higher the rate of return. [...]

What is a pink sheet stock

Penny stocks may or not be traded on the major stock exchanges like NYSE or NASDAQ. Most of the lower prices penny stocks are in fact traded on the Pink Sheets or the Over the Counter Bulletin Board (OTCBB). In this post I'm going to dive in into the first category, while I leave for another [...]

Where to buy stocks

If you are new to the world of trading and investing, you may find a bit confusing to get started, so you may need a little guidance. A retail investors that want to buy a listed stock shall proceed thought a stock broker. Buying listed stocks from the stock exchange or the company that issued it [...]

The SEC defines a penny stock as one stock that trades for under $5 and is issued by a small company. A small company can be defined as a company that has a small capitalization. Anything below $300,000 is commonly referred as small capitalization. A penny stock’s volume represents the number of shares traded in the market in a [...]

(August 5, 2014) This stock has the potential of 10x returns over the next few years. Now this penny stock potentially ready to reverse from a multiyears down trend. Look at the volume spike that come with today’s breakout. Richmont Mines Inc. engages in the mining, exploration, and development of mining properties, primarily gold in Canada. It [...]

(August 5, 2014) Here it is an oil stock to buy now. Ultra Petroleum Corp., an independent oil and gas company, is engaged in the acquisition, exploration, development, production, and operation of oil and natural gas properties in the United States. It primarily focuses on developing a tight gas sand trend located in the Green River [...]