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In a previous post  I explained how to create in few steps a list of penny stocks with FINVIZ  Stock Screener. This time I want to share with my list of penny stocks to watch. This is a list that I have prepared for my own use. For each company I have added a small description for [...]

There are different definitions of penny stocks. The Securities and Exchange Commission defines penny stocks, stock trading for less than $5.Some sets the cutoff point at $3. Others consider only stocks that trade below $1 to be penny stocks. Some consider any company beneath a certain market cap, such as a market cap under $50 million as a [...]

Breakout trading is a  classical approach to trading, something that has been defined first over a century ago by traders such as Magee and Edwards. Traders how trade breakouts look at price action and trending lines in order to buy on strenght or sell on weakeness any price movement above or below the trendline. What makes breakout [...]

Spot prices are determined in futures exchanges where commodities and precious metal in particular are traded as futures contracts. A future contract exchange's delivery of an item (gold and silver in this case) for a set price, with quantity and exact order details being specified from contract to contract. When considering silver, the most well-recognized [...]

If you’re still not 100% sure about to perform as a professional investor or trader then perhaps you should start with a free demo account first and then dive into trading with real money as soon as times are mature. Remember that there are NOT successful amateur traders, but only successful pro traders. Do not underestimate the preparation needed to succeed in [...]

I often get asked from by my readers "how to buy silver stock'". Luckily the answer is easy and the retail investor that wants to buy silver as as stock nowadays can do it easily. But before we go head, let me clarify one thing. Silver is NOT really traded like a stock, it is traded as [...]

When you decide to start to trade penny stocks your broker become your most important vendor and partner. It's your broker that handles your money and your orders in the market; It is your broker that provides you the financial reports of your activities; And, finally, it is your broker that provide to your market data and [...]